Contract Management

Contract implementation, management, and follow-up are continuous processes and crucial in relation to collaboration with both internal stakeholders and suppliers – and fundamentally in relation to the success that analysis and competitive tendering have demonstrated you can achieve.

By kickstarting your contract implementation, management, and follow-up, you gain ongoing oversight, and we offer a range of tools tailored to your organization.

Savings – every year

Ensuring financial leeway every year requires systematic monthly and annual checks. At IKR, we call it "Level 2" controlling. Control down to the item level. Price control, compared with the agreement, and possibly E-portal control at the order number level.


Contract follow-up and regained control over your agreements ensure ongoing oversight and increased financial leeway throughout the contract's lifespan. The overview enables making the right decisions. You are stronger through correct data, and your suppliers know that agreements are monitored and upheld.
This ensures constructive and accurate supplier meetings, where there will be a precise picture of the situation, and the dialogue is based on it.