Financial analysis

The overview and transparency, from a multi-year perspective, provide strength to achieve a holistic view. With a keen eye, you can focus on the big picture and contribute to finding new paths and solutions in a changing world. "The analyses regarding achievable opportunities can be broad and encompass many categories of goods and services, but also narrow, and solely include a single area or a few category areas."

Financial leeway

Through analyses of the total purchasing volume in both goods and services, we typically find a number of new opportunities for increased financial leeway. Both through direct savings, but also through improvements and changes in agreement terms. Through ongoing management, monitoring, and adjustment of your agreements, you achieve an optimal purchasing structure and reduced risk. IKR calls this "Level 2" controlling.

From analysis to action

Where is the achievable financial leeway?

When the analysis phase is completed, you will receive a report containing a realization strategy for the financial leeway, which you can use as part of a decision-making basis regarding your future procurement agreements. Operation of procurement agreements, competitive tendering, or establishment of new behavioral patterns may be relevant questions, just as the report can be used for organizational decisions.