"We are a team of specialists - and the resource you're missing"

We are your extra hands, working across and in-depth with your current and future agreements. This provides the organization with increased financial leeway – and breathing space in internal workflows.

At IKR, we consider ourselves as a collaborative partner:

  • Supplier experts - Our experience and expertise in follow-up and negotiation with suppliers have proven to be crucial for optimizing the results of the agreements made.
  • Contract management - Your agreements are tracked, monitored, and evaluated continuously by our management team. With our finger on the pulse, you ensure that everything throughout the contract period goes as agreed.
  • Tender and procurement expertise - We assist in the design and execution of competitive tenders.

With IKR as a collaborative partner, "one plus one becomes three".

For over 20 years, IKR has helped as an impartial advisor

Being 100% loyal and impartial as an advisor and catalyst for positive development. IKR has created financial leeway of more than ¾ billion DKK for our partners since 2002.

IKR helps both public and private clients. Having "hands-on" control of contracts has provided an overview – and often increased financial leeway due to the advantages gained.

As a dedicated impartial partner, we invest in our clients' challenges and are with them on the sidelines throughout the journey.

Based on your needs and the current situation, we find new paths to financial leeway.

With customer relationships in Denmark and Sweden, over the years, we have gained expertise, insight, and experience in securing advantageous agreements, following up on existing ones, and often renegotiating them for better terms and prices.

Close to everything

As part of the estate Hørbygård in Northwest Zealand, IKR is based in the old fieldstone house. In the midst of the most beautiful nature, near forest and fjord. 5 minutes to the motorway to Copenhagen and 30 minutes to the ferry to Aarhus. Close to everything – including our customers.

IKR's assistance has given us sharper performance and compliance

Measure and assess us based on our customers' results. Send us an email and get contact information for relevant references.

Esbjerg Kommune
Frederikssund Kommune
Koebenhavns Professionhoejskole
CBS - Copenhagen Business School
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University College Nord
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Esbjerg Kommune
Frederikssund Kommune
Koebenhavns Professionhoejskole
CBS - Copenhagen Business School